There are so many amazing benefits to working out in the heat that we needed to write two blog posts! In our previous post we covered muscle strength, endurance, brain development, longevity and improved mood. Here are yet another five awesome reasons to work out in the heat!

Insulin resistance/blood sugar

Insulin is a vital hormone in the body that regulates healthy blood sugar levels. A recent study found that heat acclimation three times a week over 12 weeks created a decrease in blood sugar and insulin levels by 30%, which can have amazing results for those with type 2 diabetes and related conditions.

Balancing your blood sugar is also a great way to reduce those pesky sugar cravings and binge eating habits, which is always a welcomed bonus!

Injury Rehabilitation

Increasingly doctors and chiropractors are recommending Hot Yoga and Pilates to their patients. High temperatures increase the release of anti-inflammatory hormones and healing white blood cells and are great healers of everything from arthritis to injuries caused by high impact sport’s.

Endorphins (A.K.A ‘happy hormones’) are also produced and act as natural pain-killers – we all <3 those endorphins! 😀


Many people don’t sweat enough, but this is such a powerful way for the body to release and eliminate toxins, chemicals and waste products stored in the skin, and cleanse and purify vital organs in the body.

As you sweat, your pores are opened and cleaned allowing for natural lanolin production, which softens and preserves your skin’s elasticity, giving you that beautiful ‘Bikram Glow’. You’ll leave class looking and feeling like a sparkling unicorn, we promise!

Weight loss

Exercising in the heat is also excellent for shedding a few pounds or toning and shaping your body.

A 90-minute Hot Yoga class is a great workout that can burn up to 1000 calories! Combine this with Heat Shock Protein’s ability to reduce the amount of stored fat by oxidizing fatty acids, regulate blood sugar, and strengthening the metabolism, and you’re going to start seeing great results in no time! Woohoo!

“I’m not interested in getting in better shape” said nobody, ever.

Improves Immune System

Heat Shock Proteins are also great at fighting off diseases and improving the immune system. When the body is exposed to high temperatures, they act by going into a kind of ‘Super Hero Mode’ and quickly target damaged areas. White blood cells and antibodies are created to fight viruses and increase the functioning of the entire body.

All in all, Heat Shock Proteins sound like pretty great guys to have around!

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for reasons NOT to exercise in the heat:

We would NOT recommend Hot Yoga/Pilates for anyone who loves spotty skin, colds, flus, sluggish bodies with pains and aches, and who doesn’t want to feel and look FREAKIN AMAZING!

For everyone else: sign up for our intro offer, £20 for 20 days unlimited access.

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