Focus on positives rather than negatives, DEPRIVATION = FIXATION-  Don’t say things to yourself like ‘I need to stop eating too much’ or ‘I need to get out of this habit’.   Until you get back into the routine you want to be in, just keep doing what you are doing, but add in the good stuff as well.

Drink water– You’ve probably got out of the habit of drinking enough water. Dehydration can make you feel tired, while drinking lots of water will flush out the toxins from alcohol and heavy foods, making you feel fresher and more energised

Eat bananas and avocados– You will find that the chocolate and dessert cravings go down as you get your potassium and sugar fix naturally, and fill that gap with something good for you.

Get an M&S super-whole-food salad– Might set you back £3.60, but it is incredibly packed with nutrients and so DELICIOUS that by the time you’re finished, you will be like, “Who the heck is Mr Kipling anyway?”

Make a big pot of stew or curry– If you have been in an indulgent mindset, you need something satisfying.  A weight watchers micro meal is not gonna cut it, you need something TASTY!  Lots of garlic and spices will also boost your immune system and if you can take a bit of chilli, it will give your serotonin levels a boost and help to lift your mood. Make loads and stick it in the fridge AND freezer so you have plenty of good food at the ready at all times.

Set some goals, write them down and visualise- Studies have shown that when goals are written down, they are 70% more likely to be achieved. Take some time to think about the things that you really want to achieve this year.  After writing them down, visualise yourself achieving these things and direct your energy toward this visualisation.  By focusing on the things you want, you are using the law of attraction to help you attract these things into your life.

Find a partner in crime– Get your spouse, pal, mum or brother on board. Having another person to help spur you on makes all the difference. If you have any friends who have never tried Bikram Yoga, you can bring them to our studio to practice for free up to three times in 7 days. Making your exercise class a social event will improve your motivation tenfold.

Take it easy for your first few classes back– To read more about adopting the right mindset for your return to yoga, check out our blog

Get a blender and make morning smoothie– Great way to kick start your digestion and mindset. If you feel you’ve started the day healthy, it will keep you motivated to stay on track. Its kind of like the opposite of the, if you have been following our posts on that.

Smile more– Smiling sends chemical messages to your brain saying that you are happy, activating a feel-good circuit of neural activity.

Remember the hardest part of your practice is often getting to the studio, when you are here you’ve got the group energy, to carry you, your teacher to motivate you and the positive vibes to uplift you.  January is our busiest month at Bikram Southside so the energy in here is electric right now.  Just get yourself in here and we will do the rest.

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