Have you noticed that lately all the health freaks are obsessed with kale these days? Well it is for a very good reason!

Considered to be a wild cabbage, kale can be either plain or curly and really is almost obscenely healthy. One of the richest vegetable sources of calcium, it is high in fibre and low in fat. On top of that it is packed with vitamins A, C, B-6 and B-12, and as if that wasn’t enough, we’ll throw in anti-oxidants such as beta carotene. As well as containing iron, kale is a source of magnesium and potassium, ideal for rehydrating after a sweaty yoga class. Why did no-one tell us about this stuff before?

This delicious recipe is the perfect breakfast smoothie, so fully bursting with nutrients and vitamins that it really will keep you going until lunchtime. Its zingy, fruity and refreshing. You can vary size of the pineapple slice depending on your desired level of sweetness and it’s a good idea not to add the stalk of the kale as it is very stringy. Also, make sure that you blend it for a long time to ensure that it goes smooth.


Quarter of 1 lemon squeezed
1 small celery stick
1 large slice of melon
Half a banana
Two dessert spoonful’s of low fat Greek Yogurt
A few handfuls of kale
1cm cube of ginger
1 pineapple slice
1cup of orange
A handful of ice
Chia seeds to decorate

What to do

Mix all ingredients in a high speed blender, starting with the pineapple juice, ice, and ginger and finishing with the lemon juice. Blend, serve and enjoy!

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