Inferno Hot Pilates

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) equals short sharp burst going flat out.


  • This is the most effective way to burn calories and blast fat
  • Fifteen minutes of HIIT is equal to half an hour on the treadmill.
  • After a session, your body keeps burning extra calories for 24-48 hours, so you get so much more from your workout.

Our HIIT Workouts

Inferno Hot Pilates

The latest Las Vega Fitness Sensation.  Suitable for complete beginners and experienced practitioners alike; Inferno Hot Pilates combines classic Pilates with HIIT.   A fusion of yoga, cross-fit and clubbing performed in 35 degree heat, with pumping music and a high-energy party atmosphere.  Inferno Hot Pilates is a challenge but don’t be scared this class is FUN FUN FUN!

This is truly the ultimate work-out for body and mind. Willpower, self-control and determination are strengthened in this demanding environment and through consistent practice, endurance levels are raised.


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If you commit to practising 3 classes every week. 

Classes times:  

  Inferno Hot Pilates: Tuesday- 4:30pm   
Hot HIIT : Thursday 7am
Inferno Hot Pilates: Thursday- 4pm
 Inferno Hot Pilates: Friday- 6pm   
Inferno Hot Pilates: Saturday 9am     
Inferno Hot Pilates: Sunday- 12:30pm

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