Let’s face it, on your first class back after the X-Mas break, your practice is probably going to suck.  Who the heck cares! Don’t let your ego get hung up on this and hold you back.  If you fall out of postures, have a laugh about it after class.  Let go of all that judgement, follow the words, let the yoga do its magic, try the right way and you will get 100% of what you need from that class that day.  If you feel good at the end of class then you did good.  You don’t have to be a super yogi every day.  After two weeks of over indulgence, of course you won’t be at your personal best, but you’ll sure all hell need a good hot yoga class.

The key is to be kind to yourself.  If you beat yourself up, you will lose motivation and alienate yourself from your practice.   If you got absolutely hell for leather straight away, it will be a nightmare and you will dread the next class.  After your first new year class, that post-yoga-buzz should be doubled as you realise how much you’ve missed this feeling.  Let time off be an opportunity to fall in in love with your practice all over again.  The sky is not going to fall down if you don’t touch your forehead on the knee today!

Allowing yourself to have easy classes when you need to, will help you avoid ‘falling off the wagon’ when life gets busy or you are not feeling strong.  Remember, its not about how far you get into the posture, it about how much you get out of doing it.   If you are a Type A personality, this might be a real challenge for you.  Realise that sometimes you will get further by pulling back a little, even if it goes against ever fibre in your being to do so.  This is especially important when you are going through hard times and needing your yoga more than ever.  You may be surprised to put that “Just stay in the room” mantra to use again. Whatever happens, you always have your breath, and one of the great things about having a tough class, is that it takes you right back to that breath which is your meditation.

The most important thing to remember is that it’s not really about the journey or the destination, its about you. It’s about self-empowerment, healing and growth- you making yourself the best version of you that you can be.

=> Judge the merits of your class on the benefits you experience afterwards.  This small shift in your perspective will completely transform your relationship with your yoga practice, which will in turn completely transform your relationship with yourself.

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