We’ve seen clients cancel surgeries after starting our classes.  Many of our members have come off strong prescription painkillers for injuries and chronic conditions by healing their bodies with yoga and Pilates.

Our Bikram Yoga classes are particularly powerful for helping to heal knee and back injuries.

For  5 years, our studio member Saadia suffered from sciatica and arthritis in the lower three vertebrae of her spine. She was on very strong pain killers – taking 6 Gavapenton a day. She also took 5 Tramadol, which contains morphine.  Six week after starting Bikram Yoga, she was able to come off all of her medication.


Hot yoga and pilates help reduce injury and corrects the damage caused by high impact sports. Increasingly doctors and chiropractors recommend Bikram Yoga to patients.

Poor posture often resulting from sitting hunched over desk all day, can cause or aggravate back and neck pain. Our classes work the spine in every direction with many beneficial back-bends, helping realign, re-balance and restore.

Yoga classes can help increase circulation and nutrition to heal knee joints also stimulating the production of synovial fluid for better mobility.


LYNDSAY “A couple of years ago I had an accident on my bike where I broke my neck in 3 places and suffered a lot of soft tissue damage down the left side of my body. I always felt out of sorts when exercising, had real mobility problems and suffered from multiple injuries as a result of compensating. After 3 months, my body has progressively become stronger and realigned.”

MICHELE “I had a serious ankle injury over two years ago.  I had to have a plate and screws put into my leg to hold my tibia and fibula bones in place, only last year I had them removed. Most forms of exercise made my injury worse. Trying  Bikram Yoga has been one of the best decisions  I’ve ever made. The strength I have built around the muscles and tendons in my ankle has improved my mobility tremendously and it has only been five months.


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