Build strength, stamina and flexibility and burn up to 1000 calories per class. This is our flagship class, great for complete beginners and experienced yogis alike. This 26 posture series strengthens every system in the body and is very therapeutic for rehabilitating knee and back injuries. A powerful stress buster, that boosts energy levels and endorphins creating a feeling after class which has to be experienced to be understood. We call it the Bikram Buzz.


A combination of Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga, Hatha, Power Yoga and Vinyasa. This invigorating yoga series is performed to music to expand your mind.

Experience some awesome arm balances like crow and side crow. This class is a great compliment to your Bikram practice, containing more arm strengtheners, hip stretches and core work as well as sun salutations and other fun new yoga postures to try.


This magical class works on releasing tension, relaxation and building flexibility. Great for runners, cyclists and weight lifters. With deep release, we work deeply into the hips; Starting with some strong standing postures, the class is performed mainly on the floor and the room is hot.  Oh yeah..


A training system which combines classic Pilates with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). All in 40 degree heat, with high-energy music and a fun motivational atmosphere.

The ultimate class for sculpting your body, strengthening your core and feeling that muscle BURN. You’ll burn extra calories for 24-48 hours after your finish your work-out. See visible results in a fortnight if you practice 3 classes a week.


Yin is our only non-heated class. We slow it right down holding postures for time, completely letting go and allowing the body to open up. This class focuses on the connective tissue of the body working with ligaments, tendons and joints. Utilizing the principles of traditional Chinese medicine to open energy meridians and enhance the flow of chi around the body, this class creates an incredible experience of relaxation and peace.

There is no effort, just surrender as you completely let go and allow the posture to happen.


A fun, strong class that utilizes dynamic movements, static strength, endurance and flexibility all rolled up into a flow.  Expect plenty of down dogs, planks, chatturangas and other classic moves. Experience a different kind of freedom and challenge as you let go and move with the FLOW.
Enjoy exploring new movements like arm balances and inversions.  This class is also suitable for beginners, with options for different levels of challenge.  Expect to sweat and leave your mat energized and rejuvenated.