A lot of love went into building and designing our beautiful studio. It's a really special place and we feel happy when we are here.

Hot Room

This is where the magic happens. Temperatures soaring up to 42 degrees Celsuis and positive energy always flowing. Ever been to a yoga studio that kinda... well stinks? Our state of the art Bolon woven vinyl flooring is easy to mop so the room stays super super clean. The windows provide excellent ventilation and great natural light. Right now we are keeping our capacity limited and the windows always stay a little open to keep the fresh air flowing.

Chill Out Area

Conversation, banter, orange-eating, fun and inspiration happens here. Stories are shared, friends are made. We love to connect, have fun, meet new people and talk about everything under the sun. Everyone is welcome here, food is always a popular topic and the atmosphere is always up lifting.

Reception Area

The staff behind the desk are always here to answer your questions and lend an ear. You can hire mats and towels and we sell bottle of water. We ask you to join the queue when you are coming in as it can get a little hectic and we always love to see your smiling faces as you come in

Changing Rooms

We have lovely changing rooms, toilets and shower facilities. There are lockers for your valuables and padlocks are provided. When you are doing a hot class, you sweat loads so its often nice to have a shower afterwards and don't forget to bring a change of clothes.
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