This 26 posture Hatha Yoga series is performed in 40 degree heat.  A great way to build strength, stamina and flexibility as well as achieving major calorie burn. This is our flagship class and is practiced in hundreds of dedicated studios world-wide.  Great for complete beginners and experienced yogis alike. This series strengthens every system in the body and is very therapeutic for rehabilitating knee and back injuries. A powerful stress buster, that boosts energy levels and endorphins creating a feeling after class which has to be experienced to be understood.


During day retreats, your team will practice this class alongside other members of our yoga community.  This provides an authentic experience of the powerfully uplifting group energy that we associate with Bikram Yoga classes.  It is also helpful to have more experienced practitioners in the room for others to follow.

A study in the Journal of Exercise Science and Fitness found that eight weeks of Bikram yoga improved mindfulness, perceived stress, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility and balance.  At the height of his career, Andy Murray credits his success to his Bikram Yoga practice in this article in the Independent,

“I think I can push myself and perform a lot better with yoga,” – Floyd Mayweather, Bikram Yoga  practitioner