The focus and intention of the day is to de-stress, work your body and leave feeling recharged and uplifted.  Throughout your journey on the mat, you will also absorb a deeper understanding of how your body responds to stress and how you can alter your state of mind naturally.  The following key themes will be interwoven as learnings through the experiences of the day.  Our mission is to inspire and empower people to take a proactive approach to managing their stress levels and looking after their physical and mental health.

Our message is that your mindset is not just something you can change… it’s something you can transform.  Your state of mind, just like your physical fitness is something you need to work on and maintain.

Core Concepts: The Autonomic Nervous System


Sympathetic Nervous System; Fight & Flight; Cortisol

Parasympathetic Nervous System; Rest & Digest; Breath

The Vegas Nerve



Core Concepts: Mindfulness and Meditation

The present moment

Train your brain

Brain imaging studies

The power of the breath