WOOHOO, you’re going for it! We are really excited for you to explore the transformational benefits of Hot Yoga and Pilates as you join our yoga family and commit to personal growth.   We are delighted to provide you with unlimited access to all of our incredible classes with one of the fantastic pricing options below.

If you’re new to the studio, or just getting back into it, we recommend you focus on Bikram Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates HIIT classes.  Try to arrive 30 mins early for your first class so you can have a chance to connect with your instructor before class and set your intention to practice 3 times a week to see results.

New clients can complete waiver forms online to save time in the studio. Scroll to the bottom of the registration page to access your form.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”  Lao Tse



30 Day Intro

Price: £30 For 30 Days

Unlimited access to all of our uplifting classes. This offer is available to all brand new clients who have never visited our studio before and is an amazing way to start this life changing journey.

20 Day Intro

Price: £20 For 20 Days

20 days of unlimited access to all of our invigorating classes. This offer is available to all brand new clients who have never visited our studio before and can be upgraded to 30 days anytime. Your journey starts here.

First Month Free Membership

Month 1: Free

Month 2-4: £58 (22% off)

Month 5 onward: £67.95 (10% off)

Gain access UNLIMITED ACCESS to all of our incredible classes. Available to first time members only. Get your first month FREE, 20% off the next three months and 10% off for life.


Price: £10 For 20 Days

Unlimited access to all 10 am weekday morning classes at Hot Yoga Glasgow. Early birds sweat for less. Get ready to start the journey of your life.

Testimonial by scottish actress ALLISON MCKENZIE


“Hot Yoga Glasgow is a truly special sanctuary of fitness, joy, health and well-being in Shawlands. Having practiced yoga in many other studios all over the world, I have achieved the most at Hot Yoga Glasgow. The mix of teachers and classes gives a wide range of choice for every level and I’ve been delighted to find  myself more calm and happy in life.

Bikram Yoga is a very welcoming space for beginners to more advanced practitioners. The classes are of a great size where you get one on one attention and encouragement and I’m always greeted with a huge smile by Linda and her colleagues. Stepping inside Hot Yoga Glasgow my worries melt away and happiness and calm are restored. I cannot recommend the studio highly enough”.