We are passionate about experiences that transform your state of mind and our breath-work and mediation workshops are no exception.



The breath is the bridge that links the conscious and unconscious mind.

Learn to use your breath to recalibrate your nervous system, brain chemistry, respiratory and cardiovascular health.  Explore ancient yogic rhythmic breathwork techniques with science-backed benefits for body and mind.  Reach peak emotional states as you embark on this journey to deeper levels of awareness.



Meditation is like exercise for the brain.

Put simply, meditation is the practice of sustaining focussed attention on one object such as a point of visual focus, a specific breathing pattern or something internal like an affirmation or visualisation.  The goal, is to still the mind, detach from the flow of thought and ground your awareness in the present moment.

Research has been shown that meditation can improve immune system function, self awareness and concentration.  It has also been shown to be beneficial for stress, anxiety issues and emotional health.



Our unique workshops incorporates breathwork, movement, music, meditation and visualisation.  You will leave with simple techniques you can use daily to enchance overall wellbeing.